Welcome to In Touch Web Solutions!

Welcome to In Touch Web Solutions!

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At In Touch Web Solutions, we provide a full range of web-based solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to successfully connect with and engage their followers and prospects on the web in a way that positively impacts their bottom line.

Web Design

Stay front-and-center of your target audience’s mind with an original and aesthetic web design. Tell us how you would like to present your site.
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Content Writing

Engage readers with unique, original and high-quality content. Get across key messages, make your sales pitch and excite readers!
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Content Management

With our content management system, you can add, delete and modify content easily. Manage site’s content confidently regardless of your technical skills!
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Web Applications

Need to provide more than just information to your customers? A web application can allow you to gather data, create workflows, and engage your clients.
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Blog Writing

Having strong, SEO-friendly blog posts can drive traffic and sales to your site. We use a professional writer to create your posts.
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SEO & Advertising

There are many aspects to optimizing your site so customers can find you through search engines. We architect our sites to be search engine friendly.
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Our work is specifically tailored to get your message across to your intended audience in a powerful way that inspires not just visits, but also action. Our solutions work smoothly and seamlessly, and they look good doing it!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to create a basic website for my business?

The timeline to complete a basic website can vary but typically we can have it ready within a month.

How much will a new website for my business cost?

The cost of a new website can vary greatly depending on your requirements. Call us for a free consultation and estimate.

I can create a basic website myself - why shouldn't I just do that?

Your website is a representation of your company. If your website is not professional, appealing and up to date, it will have a negative impact on any potential customers. Our team comprises some of the best website designers who are passionate about creating targeted and optimized websites that deliver real and measurable value.

Somebody else created my website, and I hate it. Can you fix it?

We are happy to look at your current website and offer suggestions and in most cases fix the problem. However, in a majority of the cases, it is more cost effective to simply create a new one. This is done on a case-by-case basis.

I'm a decent writer- why shouldn't I just write my own content?

If you want your website to make an impact on visitors and be SEO-friendly, nothing short of high-quality content will do. The content on your website must convey not only who you are and what you do but also be keyword-optimized strategically. We will always create the message you wish to deliver in a compelling way, taking care to maintain the right keywords and keyword density.

What if I don't like the design you create for me?

Our typical process is to create a design based on our conversations. You will be asked to provide feedback and we will make the necessary changes until you are satisfied.

Will I be able to update my own website content, or will I need you to do that?

We offer features that will allow you to update your own pages or we can update them for you as needed. We will work with you to determine if the small investment is worth it for your particular needs.

I like to do things myself. Will you teach me (or my staff) what I need to know to update and maintain my site?

Sure. During our consultations we can determine if that is the best option for you. As part of the package we provide we will include full training on how to update the site yourself.

Do I really need a website? I've done ok without one so far.

Having a web presence today is vital to maintain a competitive edge in just about every industry. Not only is the internet now the simplest and most convenient way your customers can find you, it also provides a platform for you to communicate, engage and persuade. A qualified web design and SEO content writer team can assist with your customer engagement and internet marketing efforts

I don't like surprises. What kind of hidden or add-on charges do I need to worry about?

We work very hard upfront to make sure we have everything you will need in your website. We provide you with a proposal that will explain exactly what you will get, as well as the costs to you. This will not change at any point of the project. However, if you request changes be made after the proposal has been approved, we will charge additional fees, but we will always contact you and explain those fees prior to making the changes

Will I need an ongoing maintenance contract with you to keep my site running? If so, how much is that?

Depending on how often you would like to update you website, it may be beneficial to engage us through an ongoing maintenance contract. We work with our clients to determine the approximate number of hours we will spend each month working and calculate the costs based on this assessment. We then track those hours on a monthly basis and update the fees based on the average we are actually spending working on your site each month.

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In Touch Web Solutions provides a full range of web development services. We are based in the Kansas City area, but we serve clients throughout the United States.